White or Red 11.25g (.39oz) [MRR-1012]

White or Red 11.25g (.39oz) [MRR-1012]

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Item Description

Characteristics of a Japanese candle

Japanese candle made by pure vegetable wax contains very small amount of lampblack. It is hard to extinguish the flame by wind. As its soft, gentle light creates a mystical ambience, it fits best for a memorial services at a temple or at home.

Japanese candles in "Authentic Goods from Japan," are all hand made, piece by piece.

*How to make "Candle"?

Stripes around wick, which look like annual ring, represent the amount of hand made process. This kind of stripe won't appear on mold made candle. With fewer stripes, the candle can't be a good quality. Japanese candles in "Authentic Goods from Japan" are made by high quality material with time consuming manual labor.

Size(length included the pointed end of wick): about 128mm (5 inch)
Burning time: about about 70 minutes
diameter: about 15mm (0.6 inch)

Color: white/red

*The product is sold by a unit of 20 pieces.