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Before Shopping...

Rules and regulations in using Authentic Goods from Japan

1. “Authentic Goods from Japan” (or “This store” on the following sentences) will provide services only for the members who agreed with our rules and regulations.

2. Members are required to register their passwords (we call it “password”) to use our services.
(1) Password is managed by the member’s responsibility, and used only for the designated member, not to be used, given, or transferred to a third party.
(2) Members should not reveal their password to third parties.
(3) This store won’t take any responsibility for any damage incurred to our members’ mismanaged password.

3. Member is responsible and will compensate damages to this store, which is incurred by the member’s involvement in one or more of the following activities:
(1) Member uses passwords improperly.
(2) Member modifies information of this store by accessing our site, or disturbs our business by sending harmful computer programs and/or viruses to this store.
(3) Member infringes intellectual properties of the products that this store deals with.
(4) Member acts against to this store’s rules and regulation.

4. This store follows the agreement below and protects customers’ privacies.

Privacy policy - How we handle your private information

Because we gather certain types of information about our users, we feel you should fully understand our policy and the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it.

(1) Objectives of private information use
This store will use customer’s private information, such as customer’s name address, phone number, date of birth, mail address, etc., for the following purposes,
(a) In order to mail the ordered goods or provide marketing information, such as catalog, DM, new products news, and other services, etc.
(b) In order to provide activities of This store, such as information about our store or events, survey, and others related to lifestyle.
(c) In order to mail catalogs, DM, or product samples, etc., of the companies, which This store considered as proper.
(d) In order to manage customer’s credit limit, collection, debt to whom This store deals with.

(2) Collection of private information
This store collects customer’s private information with fair and proper manner under law.
(a) When customer used goods or service of This store.
(b) When customer cooperates a survey or campaign from This store
(c) When This store responds to inquiries from customer, etc.

(3) Provision of private information
This store will not disclose or provide private information to the third party except the following cases,
(a) In case of law and ordinances.
(b) In case of receiving customer’s consent or approval previously.
(c) In case that we judged it necessary to protect life, body, or public interest such as assets etc., of customer or the third parties.

(4) Disclosure, Correction and change of private information
(a) This store will disclose the customer’s information either by the customer’s request, or by the proxy’s request. (The proxy must be recognized by the customer.)
(b) However, we will not disclose the information in the following cases:
* If there is a possibility to harm the customer or the third party’ s interest.
* If there is a possibility to harm our company or our group company’s operation.
* If there is a possibility to violate other laws, etc.
(c) If we find a mistake in the private information that we disclose, we will correct or delete it promptly.
(d) There might be a case in which we may charge a handling fee separately for a customer’s request.
(e) We request a customer’s ID (such as driver license, passport, etc.), when we get a discloser request of the private information from a customer.
(f) There might be a case that we are not able to disclose private information because of unavoidable reasons.

(5) Stop using/providing private information
When we get a request to stop providing or using private information from a customer, upon verifying the customer as him/herself, we will promptly stop providing the private information to This store. However, the minimum private information that necessary to operate This store, will not be deleted.

Authentic Goods from Japan
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