How To Make "Candle"

Wick of candle making
Act.1 Wick of candle making

Depending on the size of the candle, the wicks are wound to a bamboo or wooden skewer on which Japanese papers are rolled and are covered with silk floss. The silk floss is to prevent the wicks from coming off the skewer.

Production method of wick is here.

Act.2 Melt wood-wax

Melt wood-waxes with strong heat of charcoal.

Production method of wax is here.

Act.3 Furi

Well mixed wood-wax mixed with rapeseed oil is poured on the part of bamboo or wooden skewer to sticks candles where wicks will be inserted. It is to make smooth insert of wick later. It is also to make the skewer pull out easier.

Act.4 Stick a wick

Stick wicks to bamboo or wooden skewers.

Act.5 Attaching

Put melted wood-wax into wax bowl. Then, place wood-wax on bamboo skewers which are attached wicks already. The process is repeated several times to tens of times depend on wax size.

Act.6 Drying

Drying is done slowly by natural drying to keep adequate temperature and moisture.

Act.7-1 Shaving 1

The candle surfaces are shaved by Kanna, a Japanese traditional wood shaving tool. This is how they are made to be the same size.

Act.7-2 Shaving 2

Ten kinds of Kanna, Japanese traditional wood shaving tool, are used depending on the wax size.

Act.8 Plastering wax from the bottom

On this stage, more wax is plastered to candle from the bottom to make the shape.
Plastering will be repeated tens of times using wood-wax from the Kyushu area.
Thick candles are shaped up with the Kanna, and weighing, smoothening the surfaces to make right size. Small anchor shaped candles are also shaved by the Kanna to make a shapes after plastering is done.

Act.9 Drying

Drying is done by natural drying.

Act10 Plastering from the top

Another plastering from the top is performed by using wood-wax from the Wakayama area.

Act.11 The top cutting

The top parts of candles are cut to pull out the wicks.

Act.12 The bottom cutting

After measuring the candles, the bottom of the candles are cut with a heated knife.

Act.13 Completion

The candles are cut to the sizes and wrapped one by one carefully in order to not harm them. A box or cosmetics case is provided for the customer’s choice.

Act.14 Cleaning

Waxes that are attached to the bamboo or wood skewers are taken off by putting skewers into heated melting wax.

Production method of wick is here.
Production method of wax is here.

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