Production method of wick

As Igusa(is mainly used for Japanese Carpet called "Tatami" or floor mat) prefers marshland, the low marshland area in Nara basin of Japan where several rivers joins is a suitable place for the plant and thus, the plant used to be cultivated there widely. Now, the Ibaraki prefecture in Japan has taken over the position.

The wick of candle is made from the core part of the Igusa. The core is soaked with oil. It is the optimum material to kindle. In old days, it was one of the essential products in daily life. To make the material, one must first rip off skin of an Igusa that has been soaked in water. The skin is ripped with special knife called “Hikidai” and pull out the core part without cutting it. It is about one meter (40 inch) in length. Then, bind these cores to hang and dry well. The material is ready.

The dried candle-wick weight is as light as yarn. The left picture is the wick and the right one is the Igusa.

Depending on the size of the candle, the wicks are wound to a bamboo or wooden skewer on which Japanese paper rolled and are covered with silk floss. The silk floss is to prevent the wicks from coming off the skewer.

Wound wicks. Sizes of wicks vary with the size of candles.

How to make "Candle"?
Production method of wax is here.

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