Sailor Shi-Rei Series "Ryu" - Dragon [11-9408]

Sailor Shi-Rei Series "Ryu" - Dragon [11-9408]

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Item Description

Shi-Rei Series

The "Shi-Rei Series" is a special fountain pen from Sailor, symbolizing the Four mythical Chinese "Celestial Guardians of the Universe" -"Ryu" (the Dragon), "Ki-ryu" (the Turtle), "Kirin" (the Unicorn) and "Hou-ou" (the Phoenix). These Guardians have been worshipped for many centuries by the faithful in ancient Chinese and Japanese mythology. These spiritual creatures were believed to control every point of the compass and all the elements. They also have come to represent various spiritual concepts of everyday life.

The Dragon "Ryu" is a symbol for "Good Luck"
The Turtle "Ki-ryu" is a symbol for "Wealth"
The Phoenix "Hou-ou" is a symbol for "Peace"
The Unicorn "Kirin" is a symbol for "Virtue and Grace"
These creatures have been well depicted over the centuries in Chinese and Japanese art forms.
Sailor Pen is proud to introduce them as a collection of very special Fountain Pens designed and hand decorated using the traditional Japanese art of Kaga MAKI-E by the artist and craftsman Mr. Kousen Oshita in Japan.
The Fountain Pen (The King of Pens) is also hand crafted in natural Ebonite material by craftsmen at Sailor Pen and it is specially fitted with a 21K solid gold nib giving absolute writing perfection.

ITEM# 11-9408
Materials : Ebonite
Special features: Kaga Taka MAKI-E art by Kousen Oshita
Filling system : Converter & Cartridge type
Nib selection : M, B, Bicolor 21K Gold and Rhodium plated

Option : Nib M/B

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