AGJ Original Maki-e Makeup brush "Peony" 5 pcs Brush Set Togidashi Taka Maki-e

AGJ Original Maki-e Makeup brush "Peony" 5 pcs Brush Set Togidashi Taka Maki-e

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Item Description

AGJ Makeup brush S104 1 #1 Powder Brush
Burnish(Togi-dashi) Maki-e
Pearl oyster shell
Pink pearl oyster shell

AGJ Makeup brush S110 1 #2 Blush Brush
Sprinkle gold power on the fun and burnish it (Taka-Maki-e)
Vermilion urushi lacquer

Draw flowers, petals and leaves and sprinkle gold powder
Coat gold powder with urushi and dry it
Vermilion, pink and green urushi lacquer
Sprinkle finer gold urushi

Togi-dashi(Burnish) crysanthemum
Gold powder on the fun
Pearl oyster shell
Gold powder

AGJ Makeup brushS120 1 #3 Eye Shadow Brush
Togi-dashi Maki-e
Pink pearl oyster shell

AGJ Makeup brushS132 1 #4 Eye Shadow Brush
Gold powder and color urushi(vermilion and pink)
Pink pearl oyster shell
pink urushi and gold powder
Gold powder

AGJ Makeup brushS170 1 #5 Lip Brush
Pink pearl oyster shell

AGJ Makeup brush S104 2 #1 Powder Brush

AGJ Makeup brush S110 2 #2 Blush Brush

AGJ Makeup brushS120 2 #3 Eye Shadow Brush

AGJ Makeup brushS132 2 #4 Eye Shadow Brush

AGJ Makeup brushS170 2 #5 Lip Brush

AGJ Makeup brush 1
AGJ Makeup brush 2
AGJ Makeup brush 3

[About Maki-e Makeup brush process]

    First process
    Finishing process for the base (20 days)
  1. Burnish the whole part and paint black urushi
  2. Stick pearl oyster shell
  3. Sprinkle gold powder and coat it with urushi lacquer
  4. Burnish and finish it.
    Second process
    Maki-e work (35 days)
  1. Sprinkle Gold powder
  2. Paint flower patterns
  3. Paint color urushi lacquer
  4. Burnish and finish it
  5. Polish it
  6. Coat urushi again.
  7. Glossy finish


#1 Powder Brush #2 Blush Brush #3 Eye Shadow Brush #4 Eye Shadow Brush #5 Lip Brush

Use application
Powder Blush Eye shadow Eye shadow Lip

Goat Goat Kolinsky Weasel Kolinsky


Hair thickness

Hair thickness

Hair thickness

Hair thickness

Hair thickness

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