AGJ Glass urushi Bowl "Tsubomi" Gold

AGJ Glass urushi Bowl "Tsubomi" Gold

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Item Description

This bowl is hand-made. Looks like a flower bud.
You can see the inside faintly from the outside due to transparent gold Urushi lacquer paint.

AGJ Glass urushi Bowl Gold Tsubomi1
AGJ Glass urushi Bowl Gold Tsubomi2
AGJ Glass urushi Bowl Gold Tsubomi3
AGJ Glass urushi Bowl Gold Tsubomi4
AGJ Glass urushi Bowl Gold Tsubomi5

[About Glass urushi Bowl]

This new concept for tableware was born in Kiso, an area with a proud lacquerware tradition.

* Harmonizing gorgeous colors in a peaceful, unobtrusive gloss
* Colors that mirror the depth of Japanese aesthetics
* An absorbing tactile sensation

Combining the warmth and fascination of urushi lacquer with the cool transparency of glass serves to liberate lacquerware from its traditional image.

AGJ Glass urushi1
AGJ Glass urushi2


Name: AGJ Glass urushi Bowl Gold "Tsubomi (Flower bud)"
Material: Glass
Surface coating: Lacquer baking painting
Size: 131mm(Dia.) 51mm(Height)
Please note: This product is manufactured by hand each time, so they have their own variations in color due to the characteristics of Urushi lacquer.

* Use properly
* Don't use in clipping, cracking or broken
* No direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or deterioration
* Don't wash by polishing powder or scrub
* No excessive shock
* No microwave oven
* No direct flame or very hot water