Japanese Floor Carpet(Monn-Weaving) "Star" [SJI-412a]

Japanese Floor Carpet(Monn-Weaving) "Star" [SJI-412a]

Our Selling Price: US$300.00(tax excluded)


Item Description

The warmth of winter soil

IGUSA which grows in land of earth and returns to soil after reaped has a warmth and a tenderness. These Tatami mats will remind you of your good old days and your old friends.

Japanese Igusa 100%
Hem : Cotton 85%, Ramie 15%
Inside : Palm Fiber Board+Wooden Board+Nonskid Processed

Color : Brown, Beige
Size : 0.5-mat 33.46in×33.46in×0.82in(85cmx85cmx2.1cm)

When you use this product, please remove your shoes first, otherwise the surface of the product will wear out faster.Since this product is made of Igusa, it is not designed to be stepped on with shoes.

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