Japanese Platinum Leaf Facial Sheet Mask 5cm x 5cm

Japanese Platinum Leaf Facial Sheet Mask 5cm x 5cm

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Item Description

Now using platinum leaf aesthetic sheet becomes commonplace at high end beauty salon and a luxury plan at the hotel.
Treatment of platinum leaf is difficult unless a professional aesthetician, because platinum leaf which is used for the platinum leaf esthetic sheet is very thin and delicate material.
Our platinum leaf aesthetic sheet is made so that a customer can easily incorporate it into day-to-day skin care at home.

AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf 1
AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf 2

Feature 1:
Used 24K pure gold leaf of 99.99% purity.

We use gold leaf and platinum leaf of highest purity for the aesthetic sheet because it touches the skin in the same way as cosmetics do. You can feel free to try the gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheet at home which is also used at high end beauty salon.

AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf Feature 1
Features 2:
The gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheet is a sheet type gold/platinum leaf that you can use easily with bare hands.

Gold/platinum leaf is 0.1 micrometer thickness and very thin material. Gold/platinum leaf has to be normally handled by a skilled craftsman with the tool of bamboo dedicated to the leaf. In order to solve this unwieldiness, our gold/platinum leaf is integrated with special sheet. You can use our gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheet for the face and body easily with bare hands.

AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf Feature 2
Features 3:
The gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheet is safe and secure. The factory making gold/platinum leaf for the gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheets acquires international standard ISO9001.

The gold/platinum leaf for cosmetics has been produced at the factory for food so that the level of hygiene management is strict equivalent to the pharmaceutical manufacturing. The gold/platinum leaf is of high quality and as safe as for edibles.

AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf Feature 3

[How to use]
AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf How to 1 Step1
After washing, smooth the skin with lotion on your hand.
AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf How to 2 Step2
Press the integrated gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheet against the area you are concerned about, and then peel off the special sheet slowly. Only gold/platinum leaf remains on your skin.
AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf How to 3 Step3
After about 10 minutes, gently rub lotion and serum in your facial skin; massage the skin until you no longer see gold/platinum leaf on it.
AGJ Japanese Platinum Leaf How to 4 Step4
Though it is fine if you do not infiltrate skin care cosmetics into skin after finishing the treatment up to step 3, use the emulsion if you like. Recommended usage frequency is once a week.

Materials:Pure Platinum Leaf
Size:50mm x 50mm

  • Please do not use the gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheet if you are allergic to metals.
  • Please avoid the skin around the eyes.
  • Please avoid the area of skin which is irritated or injured.
  • Please stop use and ask a doctor, if your skin conditions worsen with use of the gold/platinum leaf aesthetic sheet.
  • Please avoid getting a piece of gold/platinum leaf in your eyes. If gold/platinum leaf gets in your eyes, wash it out with water immediately.
  • Please use as soon as possible after opening. Also, please do not keep it in place it gets direct sunlight and in places of temperatures extremes.
  • Please keep out of reach of infants or children.

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