Japanese Floor Carpet(NonHem-Weaving) "Shikisai"

Japanese Floor Carpet(NonHem-Weaving) "Shikisai"

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Item Description

It's good to have an open-air tea ceremony

This Tatami which has delicate color variations is also very fresh. You can coordinate and enjoy them in various colors putting together for your home party. How about a little tea ceremony at your favorite spot in your backyard?

Japanese Igusa 100%
Inside : Palm Fiber Board+Wooden Board+MF Sheet+Canvas Sheet+Nonskid Processed

Color : Kinari, Beige, Yellow, Green, Gray
Size : 33.46in×33.46in×1.10in(85cmx85cmx2.8cm)

When you use this product, please remove your shoes first, otherwise the surface of the product will wear out faster.Since this product is made of Igusa, it is not designed to be stepped on with shoes.