Japanese floor carpet(Itohiki-Weaving) "Plain Goza" [SJI-2439]

Japanese floor carpet(Itohiki-Weaving) "Plain Goza" [SJI-2439]

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Item Description

Someday, you'll come back here

The plain Igusa, which can be called "the origin" of our Igusa products, has a simple but profound savor. It must be made using high quality domestic Igusa, weaved in a cautious manner. You will heartily enjoy the mat which is connect deeply to Japanese culture.

Japanese Igusa 100%
Hem : Cotton 85%, Ramie 15%

Size :
2-mat 68.50in×68.50in(174cmx174cm)
3-mat 68.50in×102.75in(174cmx261cm)
4.5-mat 102.75in×102.75in(261cmx261cm)
6-mat 102.75in×137.00in(261cmx348cm)
8-mat 137.00in×137.00in(348cmx348cm)

When you use this product, please remove your shoes first, otherwise the surface of the product will wear out faster.Since this product is made of Igusa, it is not designed to be stepped on with shoes.

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