Pillow case A

Pillow case A

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Item Description

Since it has elongated shape like an envelope, it’s a simple type to use: just put a pillow in it and fold the surpass under it. No fastener or no seam makes you feel very natural and comfortable while asleep.
Sasawashi’s refreshing and clean feeling brings you pure comfort.

*Materials: Non designated fiber (Japanese paper) 100 percent.
*Size: Single 17.7in*35.4in(45cm*90cm)
*Fabric colors: ivory, beige


Close up
*Recommended for sensitive persons and children also.
*The material Sasawashi has little fluff and does not cause as much dust. Since it has natural antibacterial/odor resistant effects, it is always clean. We recommend this for sensitive persons or children as well.

Other advantage points!
*Because it does not get stuffy and controls odor, it is always clean.
*Antibacterial/odor resistant effects continue even with repeated washing.

Care and Handling
○ Machine washable (use a net)
× Separate to other colored clothes when you wash.
× Make moderate dehydration, stretch wrinkles and make the sheet in good shape, then dry it.
× For washing, do not use bleach, but use neutral detergent.

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