Small pillow (w/sasawashi pillow case)

Small pillow (w/sasawashi pillow case)

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Item Description

Sleeping time takes one third of our life time. It is said that one third of our breathing is done through our skin, and the amount of sweat while we are asleep is equivalent to approximately one full cup. During the summertime the amount rises to be double.
The main reason of sleeping distress is stuffiness of your backs because of sweating.
Therefore, the kind of sheets you use is much more important than you think.
Sasa-washi (Japanese traditional paper mixed in bamboo grasses) is the ingredient selected by the people who seek peace and health for sleeping. The combination of Japanese paper with natural antibacterial/odor resistance by kumazasa has made the bedding materials one class higher. Therefore, the functions and feelings of comfort while sleeping have been upgraded.

* Having almost no fluff, it has a smooth and pleasant touch to skin. It does not cause stress to skin and will lead to a peaceful sleep.
* With an insulating effect by the Japanese paper, it feel refreshing and cool in the summertime, and gentle and warm in the wintertime.
* Since Japanese paper has the ability to absorb two times more water than cotton, you feel comfortable even if there is a lot of perspiration during asleep.
* Natural antibacterial/odor resistance by kumazasa restrains odor and cleans.
Since it has little fluff and it is harder to cause dust, we recommend the products for sensitive persons also.

It has the cool feeling and refreshing touch of sasawashi. The buckwheat chaffs make a slight rustling sound whenever you turn over in bed. The buckwheat chaffs, excellent in absorbing and emitting moisture are wrapped by kumazasa, becomeing more antibiotic/odor resistant and comfortable.
The pillow has three parts, and each of their heights can be adjusted.

  Pillow case: Non designated fiber (Japanese paper) 100 percent.
  Parts material: Cotton 100 percent.
  Filling: buckwheat chaffs boiled in kumazasa water.

  Single 13.7in*19.6in(35cm*50cm)
*Fabric colors: beige, caramel


Other advantage points!
The buckwheat chuffs mixed with sasawashi is clean and safe!
Buckwheat is the best filler for a pillow in Japan where the temperature/moisture is high in the summertime. Although buckwheat is excellent in air ventilation and heat radiation, it has a weakness: it tends to get worms since it is a natural grain. We use specially made buckwheat for our products. After washing the buckweats boiled in the “high temperature water of kumazasa,” we then finish the procedure to kill pests.
Also, flaked kumazasa is blend in the buckwheat which makes anti-bacterial/anti-odor effects higher. The product is noticeably gentle to your body because no chemicals are used.

Care and Handling
○ Machine washable (use a net)
× Separate to other colored clothes when you wash.
× Make moderate dehydration, stretch wrinkles and make the sheet in good shape, then dry it.
× For washing, do not use bleach, but use neutral detergent.

Heights of the pillow
The pillow is divided into three parts and it touches the body between the neck and the back of head. It is designed to correspond the heights “high, low, medium” by adjusting the amount of the buckwheat.
*neck part (500g/high)
*back of head part where it is protruded (140g/low)
*upper part of back of head (320g/medium)

How to adjust the heights
Take off the cover and open the fasteners of each part. Then, adjust the heights by adding/reducing the buckwheat.

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