"Red axis fountain pen BENI (Rouge)" from Sailor

"Red axis fountain pen BENI (Rouge)" from Sailor

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Item Description

This time with the cooperation of Sailor Pen, we brought original spec “Red axis fountain pen BENI (which means Rouge)” to the market.
The red axis fountain pen, which represents brilliancy with foremost writing based on the silver of professional gear, which is named BENI meaning “rouge”.
On a pen case made of paulownia, the name is written with brush by a calligrapher.
This is the pen that gives you joy in writing and could be used with pleasure for a long time. I, the president of the dealer, recommend this precious pen with confidence.

*Made in Japan (Manufactured by THE SAILOR PEN CO., LTD.)
*Limited production goods
*The letter “紅”(means rouge) is silk-printed on the back of a cap.
*Nib: 21K gold bicolor spec
*Body/Cap made of PMMA resin
*Metal part: 24k nickel chromium gilt
*Ink suck-in method: duel use style
*Converter attached
*Cartridge ink: two black cartridge attached
*Pen size: length 129mm (5.08 inch), diameter 18mm (0.7 inch)
*Weight: about 22g (0.07oz)
*Specially made paulownia box with hand written name Size: 180mm×80mm×35mm (7.09*3.15×1.38 inch)

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