What is IGUSA?

What is IGUSA?

Generally speaking IGUSA is a rush with a developed subterranean stem and becomes 1-1.5m in hight. The stem is cylindrical and filled with white spongy tissue.

IGUSA purifies air

It absorbs carbon dioxide and insulates as well.

It controls humidity

Dried surface of IGUSA absorbs excess humidity to be kept comfortable in your room.

SCIENTIFIC NAME:Juncus effusus
ENGLISH NAME:common rush

Air has the feature of not transmitting heat easily. A cross of IGUSA is spongy and has a lot of air so that a moderate temperature is always kept like a down comforter.

Tatami mat adjusts the indoor humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture when needed. The difference from humidifier is that those humidifiers never release moisture when it’s dry.

It has moderate elasticity

It is said that Tatami mats can support a growing child to develop a sense of balance because of its elasticity. Also impacts are less when falling down.

IGUSA absorbs sound vibration

The sound is reduced by paving the mat on the floor.


The aromatic of Tatami mat can make you feel like you are in forest.


The color of Tatami mat turns into amber which is a color of “WARMTH”. Since chroma is low, it is very classy and matches not only a Japanese-style room but also westernized contemporary room.

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