"Namiki" Nippon Art Collection "Dragon with Cumulus" [FN-5M-UN]

"Namiki" Nippon Art Collection "Dragon with Cumulus" [FN-5M-UN]

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Item Description

Nippon Art Collection

The Nippon Art Collection portrays classic Japanese ideas and beliefs using the beauty of the Hira-maki-e technique against rich black lacquer backgrounds. The Crane & Turtle design represents good fortune and longevity and the Dragon with Cumulus design exhibits good fortune and power. The Golden Pheasant design accurately portrays the beauty of this exotic bird while the Chinese Phoenix pen features the mythical bird symbolic of a virtuous ruler. These designs are available as a fountain pen with 14 karat gold fine and medium nibs, and as a rolling ball pen with black ink and a fine point. Stylishly merchandised, each pen comes in a traditional oriental wood gift box.

The Dragon, one of four lucky imaginary animals, is said to create clouds, bring rain, and ascend to heaven. It is a symbol of advancement in life.

Hira Maki-e
NIB 14K, Size: F,M,B

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