"Namiki" Emperor size Urushi Collection "Lacquer Vermilion Ring" [FNF-15M-R]

"Namiki" Emperor size Urushi Collection "Lacquer Vermilion Ring" [FNF-15M-R]

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Item Description

Emperor size Urushi Collection

Simplicity and classic design are synonymous with the Yukari Royale Urushi pens from Namiki. Featuring a larger pen body than the traditional Yukari Collection, both the black and vermilion fountain pens are decorated using multiple layers of Urushi lacquer. Both pens are adorned with 18 karat gold accents and are available with a medium 18 karat gold nib, assuring long lasting writing pleasure. A traditional oriental wood gift box with bottled ink completes the stunning presentation.

Urushi collection is the large fountain pen produce since the 1930's. It was named "No.50 Jumbo" and manufactured under two brand names, "PILOT" and "Dunhill-Namiki." There pens have two 18-karat gold rings on cap and unique ink system like the original. Roiro-Urushi lacquer is attained by applying a layer of oilless Urushi lacquer coat. Then it is polished with special charcoal, and raw lacquer is rubbed in on top of that. It is then left to dry, and after drying it is burnished. This process is repeated several times to give a unique glossy luster.

Roiro Urushi
NIB 18K, Size: FM,M,B

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