"Namiki" Yukari Collection "Sweet Flag and Moon" [FN-10M-AT]

"Namiki" Yukari Collection "Sweet Flag and Moon" [FN-10M-AT]

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Item Description

Yukari Collection

The Yukari Collection transforms traditional scenes from nature into striking fantasies. The Hydrangea, Cherry Blossom, and Firefly designs feature the combined beauty of the Togidashi Maki-e technique with the brilliance of multi-colored abalone shells in Raden lacquering style. The Nightline Moonlight pen combines Raden lacquering with Roiro-Urushi finish. A must for fountain pen enthusiasts, designs come with 18 karat gold fine, medium and broad nibs with 18 karat gold clips. A traditional oriental wood gift box with bottled ink completes this striking presentation.

The Togidashi (burnished) Make-e technique creates fine line and subtle changes in color that only because apparent as the burnishing proceeds. It requires the most experience and sensitive artisans to finish the process with the desired motif. This is a fountain pen you must hold in your hand to experience its details and confirm its artistry.

Togidashi-Hira Maki-e
NIB 18K, Size: F,M,B

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