"Namiki" Yukari Royale Collection "Snowy Egret" [FNK-50M-SI]

"Namiki" Yukari Royale Collection "Snowy Egret" [FNK-50M-SI]

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Item Description

Yukari Royale Collection

Elegantly and artistically crafted, the Yukari Royale Collection of fountain pens captures the beauty and essence of Japanese culture. Featuring a larger pen body than the traditional Yukari Collection, the Snowy Egret, Court Carriage in Wisteria, Kingfisher, Fall Flowers and Night Scene of Pavilion designs are hand painted using both Togidashi and Taka-maki-e lacquering techniques. All designs are available with a medium or broad 18 karat gold with rhodium accented nib, assuring long lasting, impeccable writing performance. A traditional oriental wood gift box with bottled ink completes the attractive presentation.

The Yukari Royale is a larger version of the Yukari pen, just the right size to carry with you, but large enough for a richer and more expressive Make-e treatment. The designs were newly created from traditional Japanese Make-e motifs. The fountain pen is painstakingly finished with the Togidashi-Tka (burnished-raised) Make-e technique making it truly worthy to bear the "Namiki" name.

Togidashi-Taka Maki-e
NIB 18K, Size: F,M,B

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