"Namiki" Emperor Vest Type "Crane" [FNFV-80M-MT]

"Namiki" Emperor Vest Type "Crane" [FNFV-80M-MT]

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Item Description

Emperor Collection

Executed in charcoal burnished Togidashi-makie-e technique, the Emperor represents the pen maker's art at its finest. Exquisite interpretations of traditional Japanese design. Hand-painted in gold, lacquer and vibrant color pigments by the world's finest craftsmen. Designed with an 18kt gold nib, available in M, F & B. Eyedropper fill with an ingenuous ink-stop mechanism. Presented in a traditional wooden gift box from the Orient.

The pinnacle of the Namiki series, these large Maki-e fountain pens were originally produced more than 80 years ago. Like the originals, these pens have size No.50 (Jumbo) pen nibs with the same unique ink system, carved ebonite pen body and Maki-e on an exquisite oil-less black Urushi lacquer base.
These fountain pens are produced by only the most experienced, highly trained artisans, and their attention to detail and technique has created an extraordinarily expressive and beautiful piece of Maki-e art.

"Crane" Togidashi-Taka Maki-e
NIB 18K, Size: FM,M,B

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