How To Make "Japanese Interior Lighting"

Act.1 Preparation of raw materials

Put “Kozo (paper mulberry)” into beater and make raw materials for Japanese paper.

Act.2 Formation of paper

Japanese paper craftsmen in the Mino area are looking for new ways to use or improve Japanese paper every day.

Act.3 Ironworking

All ironworks from flame welding to processing are carried out in the same company.

Act.4 Woodworking

Wooden patterns of Japan paper lantern are made here. Bamboo is also processed, which require skills.

Act.5 Coating

Because powder type umber black dye for flame coating, it won’t chip off.

Act.6 Manufacturing Lighting utensils

This is the processing area for the lighting sockets. There are various types of lighting utensils.

Act.7 Shade pasting for Paper lantern

It is all handmade Japanese craftsmen make paper lantern earnestly one by one.

Act.8 Processing shades

Other shades besides Japan paper lanterns are also made by hand.

Act.9 Inspection

All paper lanterns are thoroughly inspected for any rips on the Japanese paper.

Act.10 Packing

At the end, gather all parts of the products and pack them. Lighting inspection is done at the same time.

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